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Database Plus Internet® solutions include all of the stages of the systems development life cycle. 

Planning, Development, Implementation and Maintenance.

Services Include:

  • Establishing the IT Infrastructure: Complete build-up of the network, hardware, software requirements.

  • Database and Web Development: Customization of database and web technologies to work the way the client's business does. Please refer to our sample solutions.

  • Collaboration: Partnering with industry leaders, such as HP, to deploy the proper server configuration, network product selection, and technology choices to meet the mission of our client.

Sample Solutions:

  • Knowledge Management System (KMS): Transactional and Data Warehousing Information, including Financial and Operational -

Manhour Accounting; Contract Management; Utilities Budgeting, Billing and Resource Management...

  • Business Process Management (BPM): Improving Processes and Workflow -

Procurement Identification, Selection and Approval Processing; Data Call Manager...

  • Enterprise Content Management (ECM):  Architecture and Strategies to maintain and present informational content to content workers -

Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Support, customized Content Portals...

  • Content Portals: Worksite, and Role Based Scorecarding and Information Presentations/Business Intelligence Tailored to Work Functions.

  • Document Management: Scanning, Storage and Retrieval of Critical Invoices, Receipts and other Documents.



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